About us

CV Chabane & Associates is a company that was founded by a group of young individuals from previously disadvantaged communities who strived to develop world class solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions in the field of Engineering and Information technology.
Our multi disciplinary professional expertise in construction makes us highly compatible to the standards set by fellow professionals in project execution. Considering the far-reaching investments the government is making in previously disadvantaged communities, particularly in the areas of engineering and skills development.

Our community development division has drawn together many skills to help communities turn their lives around. CV Chabane & Associates aims to plough back skills to the community, thus "helping communities to help themselves".
This organisation was created with the main aim of providing high standard services and expert advice in the fields of Civil engineering, Transportation engineering, Building engineering, Project management and Community development.

With the shortage of competitive service providers in South Africa, our company considers it an honour to aid in the development of our country's infrastructure, technology and personal skills. Moreover, we will help create employment opportunities in our communities.

Professional Membership:

The directors and employees of CV Chabane & Associates are members of the following professional organisation.

• Engineering council of South Africa
• Project Management institution of South Africa 
• South African council for the project and construction   management professions
• South African institution of civil engineers 
• South African council for the architectural profession 
• South African council for the quantity surveying profession 
• South African black technical and allied career organisation 
• Association of South African quantity surveyors 
• South African institute of occupational safety and health
• Institution of occupational safety and health South Africa
• Association of construction health and safety management

Mission Statement

To assist our clients in providing the best technology solutions, and to deliver the solutions with the best consideration for value for money. To meet and even exceed the clients requirements and expectations:

• Through teamwork, complete the project in time, to the required scope of work to high quality and at reasonable   cost.
• Empower our client and the community with skills and knowledge, which will in turn benefit the community.
• Consider each project as unique and to cater for the uniqueness of the project. 


CV Chabane & Associates


Safety Quality
Organisational Values


To establish trust and gain confidence of our clients through providing the best services. This will inspire them to always consider our firm first in providing any related services.
To become a company with enough capacity to make a difference to the unemployment ratio of students with young fresh ideas in the field of engineering.

To be able to provide assistance to young people who need to further their knowledge in engineering and to further provide training to such people. 


We believe in aligning our policies o the government policies and the Labour Relations Act.
To provide high quality service standards and quality of our workmanship. By so doing we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Our policy further means that we employ high calibre staff with the right skills and training to do high quality work, and only taking projects where it is possible to achieve these high standards. To our client this means that anything we are requested to do will be done to meet the standards required and even exceeds this standards.


Head Office
435 Embuia Street
Willow Park Manor

Phone: 012 803 2331